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X11, Window Managers The new X Server developed under the sponsorship of is aiming at replacing XFree86. Some code will be re-used but the core will be rewritten by Keith Packard and others. The new X server features full support for transparency, and has window-level image compositing among other things. Check out the screenshots (one more added, now there are four shots).
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Re: concept of xserver
by captrb on Wed 12th Nov 2003 00:56 UTC

WARNING: I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I've been trying to learn more :-)

Keith Packard's work with Xrender and Cairo provide a great deal of vector functionality, though maybe not at the high level you are expecting. As I understand it, both of these extensions could make use of OpenGL, it just isn't practical at this stage to do so.

As far as speed goes, other extensions he has been working on such as XDamage aim to streamline the conversations neccessary for redraws, which should speed up rendering while providing new functionality at the same time.

Havoc Pennington was pondering these extensions and thinks they introduce stateful, MVC-ishness to X. See his blog here:

This is exciting stuff.