Linked by Gabe Yoder on Tue 11th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC
FreeBSD We've all heard the age old argument second only to the vi vs. emacs religious wars: FreeBSD Vs Linux. As a long time linux user, I decided that is was time I spent some time on the other side of the fence to see if it was any greener. Oh, and by the way, vi rules.
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RE: 4.9 or 5.1
by emagius on Wed 12th Nov 2003 01:34 UTC

4.9 is from the stable branch while 5.1 is from the development/current branch and thus 4.9 is what most people would tell you to go with for stability.

The thing is, when FreeBSD people talk about stability, they're on another level entirely from most people. The stability of 5.1 is superb relative to the world of operating systems as a whole. Unless you're running some massive webserver like Yahoo, 5.1's most likely going to be fine.

5.x offers some real benefits over the 4.x series -- easier configuration, more up-to-date tools (e.g., GCC 3.x), and even arguably superior performance. I'm running 5.1 and am quite pleased with it all around. Once we hit 5.2 (with its excellent multiprocessor support), I think we'll see a large migration to the 5.x line (which will likely become the -STABLE FreeBSD line with 5.3).