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X11, Window Managers The new X Server developed under the sponsorship of is aiming at replacing XFree86. Some code will be re-used but the core will be rewritten by Keith Packard and others. The new X server features full support for transparency, and has window-level image compositing among other things. Check out the screenshots (one more added, now there are four shots).
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@Jason Lotito
by Rayiner Hashem on Wed 12th Nov 2003 02:00 UTC

Um, XFree86 handles 3D very well. Its got full support for OpenGL, hardware accelerated on many cards (Matrox, SiS, NVIDIA, ATI, 3dfx). The best XFree86 drivers (NVIDIAs) are 100% as fast as their Windows drivers (sometimes even faster --- some people report better results in WineX than native Windows). They also support every single OpenGL extension that the Windows drivers do.

In fact, the XFree86 NVIDIA drivers are so good, that a number of major movie companies such as Dreamworks (Shrek, Sinbad), Weta (Lord of the Rings), and ILM (Star Wars Episode II, Episode III) have transitioned to Linux for both their render farm and most of their artist desktops. See this article for more.

Unless the NVIDIA drivers are ported to this new X server, it simply will not be usable by all the companies that use Linux/XFree on their 3D workstations.