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X11, Window Managers The new X Server developed under the sponsorship of is aiming at replacing XFree86. Some code will be re-used but the core will be rewritten by Keith Packard and others. The new X server features full support for transparency, and has window-level image compositing among other things. Check out the screenshots (one more added, now there are four shots).
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Are they keeping up with Longhorn?
by seguso on Wed 12th Nov 2003 08:33 UTC

I wonder if they have any concrete plans to compete with Longhorn.

Longhorn is going to have vector graphics only, dropping
bitmaps completely (except for palmtops editions I presume).

Every graphic element (which means every widget, window
frame, icon, text)

1. will be vector defined.
2. will be rendered use the 3d capabilities of the cards
(via Direct3d).
3. will support translucency.
4. will use z-buffering (don't ask me what for... futhermore
translucency and z-buffers don't mix well AFAIK).
5. will be dimensioned relative to the screen size, not to
pixels, so as to be invariant of the screen resolution.

Useful or not:

1. these features will become a must in order to compete
with Longhorn. I can already hear Windows fans "linux
has still bitmapped graphics" adding to the already
known complains.

2. web browsers will HAVE to supply those features
(translucency and vector graphics) in order to be XAML

The KDE developers said it is not up to them, and that little is possible unless the X server supports those features.

They have enough time... I just hope they are not overlooking that; If they don't, GNU/linux risks to stay behind forever (technologically speaking).