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X11, Window Managers The new X Server developed under the sponsorship of is aiming at replacing XFree86. Some code will be re-used but the core will be rewritten by Keith Packard and others. The new X server features full support for transparency, and has window-level image compositing among other things. Check out the screenshots (one more added, now there are four shots).
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RE: Are they keeping up with Longhorn?
by Mario Giammarco on Wed 12th Nov 2003 10:31 UTC

First: longhorn is waporware until 2006.
I say this because years ago microsoft told us that NT 3.5 will have a powerful object oriented filesystem (and I have yet to see it); windows 95 will have 3d graphics (direct3d came 3 years later).
Even Steve Jobs told us that osX is full 3d accelerated but we now see that only windows compositing is accelerated.

Second: it is better for open source to have DIFFERENT PRIORITIES.

The first thing to do is: modularize modularize modularize.

If we have 2d and 3d/opengl drivers that can be used WITHOUT loading an entire xserver we can do all what we like: several versions of xservers (one that does compositing with xrender, one that does it with opengl), alternative windows servers (fresco, display postscript), unsing directly gnome and kde on etc. etc.

Without modularization is difficult to have progress and we will have surely less features than longhorn and osX