Linked by Gabe Yoder on Tue 11th Nov 2003 21:51 UTC
FreeBSD We've all heard the age old argument second only to the vi vs. emacs religious wars: FreeBSD Vs Linux. As a long time linux user, I decided that is was time I spent some time on the other side of the fence to see if it was any greener. Oh, and by the way, vi rules.
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freebsd issues for a gamer
by sindre on Wed 12th Nov 2003 11:49 UTC

First of all I couldn't get decent joystick support on FreeBSD, wine was unstable and I couldn't get WineX3.1 to run in emulation mode, although I've heard rumors of someone getting it to work. This was half a year ago or so on FreeBSD-5.1. The rest was very good. No stability issues appart from wine, and responsiveness, speed and memory allocation was good. I noticed that FreeBSD seems to be more sensitive to cflags than linux in general. Don't use too harcore cflags on the kernel and the base system.