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X11, Window Managers The new X Server developed under the sponsorship of is aiming at replacing XFree86. Some code will be re-used but the core will be rewritten by Keith Packard and others. The new X server features full support for transparency, and has window-level image compositing among other things. Check out the screenshots (one more added, now there are four shots).
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by Anonymous on Wed 12th Nov 2003 13:56 UTC

He might have meant "going away in the UI", but he said, "Longhorn is going to have vector graphics only."

To your point of just the UI having vector graphics. Again, that is a misnomer. The Longhorn UI can't go to vector graphics 100% without completely breaking all existing applications that rely on the bitmap UI toolsets. While Apple might've been able to demand a break in compatibility with OSX, Microsoft has too much inertia with the current apps to demand that everyone buy new programs immediately when they buy Longhorn. Longhorn will have to support bitmaps in the UI in some way shape or form.

I've seen the videos on XAML. It's nice, it's slick. It also won't be the only way we interact with our Windows boxes for probably a decade or so. People are still using DOS and Win16 apps a full 8+ years after Win95 came out. People are hesitant to change, especially if what they have works for them. Given that, people will still be using apps that require MFC, QT, wxWindows, et. al. for a long long time after Longhorn ships.