Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 13th Nov 2003 05:19 UTC
Fedora Core Fedora Core 1 has been out now for a few days now and many faithful Linux fans have already installed it. Red Hat's Linux is still one of my favorite distributions because of one main reason: compatibility with Linux software. Red Hat is a market leader and following the market leader assures the least trouble for most users. But is this the case with Fedora Core?
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RE: Fedora
by dv on Thu 13th Nov 2003 01:27 UTC

> Re: Flash.
> Strange to hear that people had trouble;
Yeah - compat-libstdc++ really should have been installed by default.

> Australian broadband is behind that of the "free world" in
> that we have to shell out for our traffic.
Only the poor souls that can't get ADSL. I switched from Telstra cable to ADSL to escape their restrictive (and expensive!) plans.

> I didn't want to use up a whole monthly allowance in the
> first week, so I only sucked down the first couple of
> ISOs.
You could have downloaded it for free from your ISPs download site. (

> My take:
> I'm disappointed in not being able to get my Promise ATA
> RAID going easily. Promise's support is abysmal ...
They have just recently started helping kernel developers improve the opensource drivers. About time.

> At the end of the day, I have found Fedora to be smoother > & quicker than the RH8 system I upgraded from.
It's definitely an improvement overall.