Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 13th Nov 2003 05:19 UTC
Fedora Core Fedora Core 1 has been out now for a few days now and many faithful Linux fans have already installed it. Red Hat's Linux is still one of my favorite distributions because of one main reason: compatibility with Linux software. Red Hat is a market leader and following the market leader assures the least trouble for most users. But is this the case with Fedora Core?
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About mp3 and DVD playback and Movie playback
by Maynard on Thu 13th Nov 2003 01:57 UTC

The dominant operating system in the world comes with neither DVD player, or movie codecs besides Microsoft's own like wmv. It does not come with mp3 encoding capabilities either.

The mp3 playing software you need is so small to be next to insignificant to download. gstreamer-mad is about 17KB and mad, libmad are less than 500KB. DVD playing software you have to get, just like you do in Windows.

Why should Redhat pay for a license when you will not pay for the distro. You want free softwae, you get free software. The mp3 decoder is NOT free software. If consumer pressurized the owners of mp3 enough, there could be a royalty free license to develop decoders at least. Which is non-revocable. If redhat were to become a big enough target, and they shipped this software, Thomson would be on them in a heartbeat. How quickly have we forgotten about the SCO situation.