Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 13th Nov 2003 05:19 UTC
Fedora Core Fedora Core 1 has been out now for a few days now and many faithful Linux fans have already installed it. Red Hat's Linux is still one of my favorite distributions because of one main reason: compatibility with Linux software. Red Hat is a market leader and following the market leader assures the least trouble for most users. But is this the case with Fedora Core?
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Oh, and btw
by seraph on Thu 13th Nov 2003 04:13 UTC

I have xine/totem, mplayer/gmplayer, xmms-mp3, alsa, crossover-office, vmware, wine, Nvidia drivers, firebird, thunderbird, xmms-alsa etc. all running here.

the hardest of the lot to install was alsa: 15 minutes, mostly spent waiting for someone to get back to me in #fedora while they were doing something.

and alsa works nicely. one bug though: if audio dies frequently, reduce the main mixer's volume to ~80-95% and it works perfect ( i think this is specific to me though - happened on other distros too ).