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OSNews, Generic OSes The open source Bochs, VMware Workstation by VMware, Inc. and VirtualPC from Connectix are applications that virtualize or emulate the x86 hardware, allowing you to run multiple operating systems on top of a "host" operating system that these three applications run upon. This means that you will be able to run Linux or FreeBSD or other supported "guest" OSes under Windows, Linux (or Macintosh), inside a window or fullscreen. But which one delivers the best performance for the money? And what about the free Bochs?
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Re: Hi Eugenia
by Eugenia on Wed 8th May 2002 17:40 UTC

I added the "or emulate" blurb, but there is not a real issue, because I do clarify it later in the article.

>What's up with Plex86, anyway?

AFAIK, it is dead, right after Mandrake laid off Kevin.

>BeOS R5 in VMWare 3.5 beta

Unfortunately, I don't have access to this unreleased version. I was able to boot the BeOS installer with VMWare 3.1, but BeOS could not see the virtual hard drive. I was more lucky by booting it directly from my real hard drive, from its BFS partition. But it is extremely slow for the reasons explained in the article and in the comments here: