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SCO, Caldera, Unixware "Since they cannot show infringement of SCO Unix code, SCO now plans to challenge the 9-year-old settlement between AT&T and BSD. If it can successfully do that, then its claims that Linux contains tainted code can be substantiated. If it can't, SCO is dead meat." Says NewsForge. *Updated*
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The messenger, Joe Barr, doesn't like BSD.
by Anonymous on Wed 19th Nov 2003 04:31 UTC

Joe Barr was a OS/2 proponent. He blames Microsoft for killing OS/2 and does not see BSD as a Microsoft killer.

He sees the GPL/Linux as a Microsoft killer. So he's grasping at a straw about re-opening the case.

Look at the press release over at Yahoo!
"Code that has been identified includes Unix System V code as well as copyrighted code included in the 1994 settlement between Unix Systems Laboratories, Inc. and Berkeley Software Design, Inc." and "copyrights that were reaffirmed as a result of the BSDI settlement agreement" (the Linux kernel has code taken out of BSD and has the copyright REMOVED and the BSDI settlement affirms our rights)