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SCO, Caldera, Unixware "Since they cannot show infringement of SCO Unix code, SCO now plans to challenge the 9-year-old settlement between AT&T and BSD. If it can successfully do that, then its claims that Linux contains tainted code can be substantiated. If it can't, SCO is dead meat." Says NewsForge. *Updated*
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Reading the transcript on Groklaw
by Richard James on Wed 19th Nov 2003 09:21 UTC

I can not see exactly what SCO is doing about the BSD case. They seem to be umming and aaring about it. Here are the only two BSD snippets I could find, both are by Darl McBride.

This is not going to be something that is going to be measured in years, we do have copyrights out there now that are being broken, we have a situation with other settlement agreements with respect to the BSD case from a few years ago where we do have a legal settlement, we're in strong shape to go out and start enforcing these now and this is really what David and his team are going to be expanding their focus around.

And this one

But more importantly, what we are announcing today is a substantial number of copyright issues that relate to a settlement agreement that is already in place around the BSD settlement from the 1994 time frame. As we move forward, we will be outlining those issues.

I don't see any such announcement in the transcript. Was there more to this than just the teleconference?

How does SCO have any settlement agreement from the BSD case? Thats what I don't understand.