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SCO, Caldera, Unixware "Since they cannot show infringement of SCO Unix code, SCO now plans to challenge the 9-year-old settlement between AT&T and BSD. If it can successfully do that, then its claims that Linux contains tainted code can be substantiated. If it can't, SCO is dead meat." Says NewsForge. *Updated*
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Re. Very Interesting
by Lennart Fridén on Wed 19th Nov 2003 14:32 UTC

@ Nate Downes

"If they go after BSD, their #1 target would be Apple."

Hmm...BSd wise, maybe. They're still after bigger fish such as IBM. Going after BSD would mainly be in order to get a new bat to swing at the Linux crowd.

"How many OS's use BSD code?"

Apart from the obvious ones (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin/MacOS X) just about every OS with a TCP/IP stack. Not to mention that Microsoft has been harvesting loads of code from FreeBSD and the like.

Still, Microsoft won't be targeted by SCO as

a) they've "invested" in a UNIX license and
b) my guts tells me that MS is "investing" in SCO's lawsuit
against all things Linux as per the enemies of my enemies rule.