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SCO, Caldera, Unixware "Since they cannot show infringement of SCO Unix code, SCO now plans to challenge the 9-year-old settlement between AT&T and BSD. If it can successfully do that, then its claims that Linux contains tainted code can be substantiated. If it can't, SCO is dead meat." Says NewsForge. *Updated*
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Re: Sad Day
by Jud on Thu 20th Nov 2003 03:15 UTC

"Also you should not be able to sue an end user for copyright infringement before it has been established that the copyright is indeed in violation."

Kind of like saying you shouldn't be able to put someone on trial for murder unless you have already proved he's the killer.

IOW, that's what infringement suits are *for* - to establish a copyright violation (and amount of damages).

Re Boies/DOJ - the DOJ was running and setting strategy for the suit, and made the decision to settle after winning at trial (though the remedy, not liability, was reversed on appeal). Boies was hired to do what by all accounts he did exceedingly well - the trial work, such as cross-examining MS's witnesses.

What is it about the bootloader that you think would have led to a better result than what actually happened, i.e., that MS was proved to have committed antitrust violations?

Boies has a reputation, well-deserved up to this point, of being one of the top lawyers in the U.S. That's why it puzzles me that his firm is in this SCO thing.