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OSNews, Generic OSes The open source Bochs, VMware Workstation by VMware, Inc. and VirtualPC from Connectix are applications that virtualize or emulate the x86 hardware, allowing you to run multiple operating systems on top of a "host" operating system that these three applications run upon. This means that you will be able to run Linux or FreeBSD or other supported "guest" OSes under Windows, Linux (or Macintosh), inside a window or fullscreen. But which one delivers the best performance for the money? And what about the free Bochs?
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by Kim Cheung on Sat 11th May 2002 06:10 UTC

I am running VPC under eComStation (OEM version of OS/2) as host and a variety of operating systems as guest. I do not see the CD/floppy drive problem you described. We have tested VPC on a variety of hardware. The "slowless" you experience might actually be caused by the dual processor (don't remember if you were runnign NT as host, or Linux as host). The current version of VPC does not take advantage of SMP and having it around might actually slow things down. In any event, I would not recommend using the sub-1GHz processors to run it. My thinkpad T22/900 is ok for a demo machine but things become very usable on my Athlon 1900+ system.

We are doing a number of things to boost the performance of runing VPC under eCS. You didn't mention if you are using the shared folder feature of VPC but we found that performance is generally much better by not using that feature. In fact, if you can minimize or eliminate local I/O, you will get a tremendous boost in performance. For instance, we are running the host diskless - remote booted from the server and the Guest "thinks" that it has a local hard drive but all I/O are actually networked I/O - cached at the server.

As I understand it, VPC's method of virtualization makes it more compatible. We have been throwing all kinds of operating systems that we can find at VPC and everything works. The only one I didn't get to try is BeOS (I don't really have a need for that).

I have no way of comparing VMWare to VPC since VMWare does not support OS/2 but I find VPC very usable - given the proper hardware.