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Original OSNews Interviews Today we are very happy to publish a very interesting Q&A with major members: the founder Havoc Pennington (also of Debian, Gnome and Red Hat fame), Waldo Bastian (of SuSE & KDE fame), Keith Packard and Jim Gettys (of X/XFree86/fontconfig/w3c fame) and David Zeuthen, a new member who's taking over the ambitious HAL project. In the article, we discuss about general goals, status and issues, the role of KDE/Qt in the road to interoperability with Gnome/GTK+, HAL (with new screenshots), the new X Server aiming to replace XFree86 and we even have an exclusive preliminary screenshot of a version of Mac OS X's Exposé window management feature for this new X Server! This is one article not to be missed if you are into Unix/Linux desktop!
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Re: Nick
by Anonymous on Mon 24th Nov 2003 22:31 UTC

"All that I am saying is that Linux claims to be ahead on the inovation front,"

Linux never claimed to be innovative. They're just working on what they think they should. They've never bragged about "OMG look at us we're so innovative!!!"
This in contrast to Microsoft, who does claim to be innovative but really isn't.

"but yet the simplist things that Windows has had for 15 years seem to escape Linux."

And in other news, the simplist things that Unix has had for 15 years seem to escape Windows.

All I can say is: so what? What matters is that it's here NOW. Whining about how Windows has had it for x years won't change a thing.