Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 25th Nov 2003 08:46 UTC
FreeBSD It is 12:10 AM PST (Tuesday morning) now that I write this, we just came back from FreeBSD's 10th Year Anniversary Party at the DNA Lounge club in San Francisco. Dig in for info and some pictures.
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Matt's pictures
by Eugenia on Tue 25th Nov 2003 22:02 UTC

Thanks for the link, I will update the article with it!

BTW, it is scary, but me and JBQ are on six of Matt's pictures (and we didn't stay for the whole duration there)! Here is one, so you can spot us on the other 5: (I fixed the gamma correction in this pic)

BTW, it is such a shame that I didn't know that Matt Dillon was there, because we have made 2 interviews by email already, and I couldn't recognize him in the crowd... At some point I saw a guy with a good camera (Matt's got a Canon 10D, which is what my husband wants to buy for Christmas) and I told my husband: "look, that guy has a nice camera". Ironic... :o