Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 25th Nov 2003 08:46 UTC
FreeBSD It is 12:10 AM PST (Tuesday morning) now that I write this, we just came back from FreeBSD's 10th Year Anniversary Party at the DNA Lounge club in San Francisco. Dig in for info and some pictures.
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Re: Long live FreeBSD!
by Chreo on Wed 26th Nov 2003 10:13 UTC

Long uptime doe not necessarily mean that the server contains security vulnerabilities. Assuming a few things:
1) If you don't use any of the components in the bases system that have been patched for security (OpenSSL etc (OpenSSL can be used from ports and then it is patched separately). To know that you have to keep track of known security vulnerabilities as I assume all good admins do ;)
2) Use a firewall to shield off anything that is not served.
3) The server daemons (Apache, proftpd etc) are patched as needed when security vulnerabilities are found. These and almost everything you install from ports are patched without taking the system down.

Now OTOH if sendmail is used on that system and not patched in over a year then that system is ready for taking ;)

Gotta looove the daemon! Here's something for all the zealots and trollers: FreeBSD 4 is dead! Long live FreeBSD 5! Let's roll for another 10 years