Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 6th Dec 2003 19:42 UTC, submitted by Tom Curtis
SCO, Caldera, Unixware IBM won a tactical victory Friday in a legal battle with SCO Group when a judge ordered SCO to show within 30 days the Linux software to which it believes it has rights and to point out where it believes IBM is infringing.
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by Annon on Sun 7th Dec 2003 04:09 UTC

If SCO is able to produce that nasty infringing code -- wouldn't that simply allow for those incline to go ahead and write replacement code that has nothing to do with SCO and their IP?

Also, how much trouble will it be to replace the code once it is out in the open?

Also, isn't this what the Linux community waiting for, so that if indeed there is infringing code, they can get busy, write, replacement, and move on without the worry of SCO and their IP?

Also, if they show the code, and it is possible to replace it -- wouldn't that be cause to celebrate?

Now, if the code can be replace -- wouldn't it be safe to say that this business between SCO and IBM is no longer a concern to the Linux community?

Just wondering.