Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 6th Dec 2003 19:42 UTC, submitted by Tom Curtis
SCO, Caldera, Unixware IBM won a tactical victory Friday in a legal battle with SCO Group when a judge ordered SCO to show within 30 days the Linux software to which it believes it has rights and to point out where it believes IBM is infringing.
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Re: @Archie Steel
by Roberto J. Dohnert on Sun 7th Dec 2003 18:58 UTC

<< One can say this is to support their UNIX Service programs, but consider that the package has been around for awhile. Are you telling me that a huge company like MS is just no figuring out that there may be IP issues with the product? That until now, they've been illegally distributing SCO's IP? >>

Did you go to PDC? Have you seen the new Services for UNIX 3.5? Probably not, until you do then you couldnt possibly understand. Until I see real proof that Microsoft is funding SCO then I will take it as vaporware and ramblings of crackpot zealots. I used to think it but then I started looking at all reality. There is no proof MS is funding SCO, absolutely none most of what everyone is doing is reading into a Licensing agreement between two companies if it wasnt Microsoft and SCO, no one would think anything about it.