Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 7th Dec 2003 07:44 UTC
Multimedia, AV My husband and I are thinking of buying the Canon Optura Xi camcorder soon (in our opinion, the best DV camera at this range). Because I run so many OSes I always have 'embedded' in me this "thing" to only buy supported hardware by the major OSes. I am sure Optura's DV part will work fine with some Linux tools, but then what? How do I easily edit my... masterpiece and burn DVDs or VCDs via an integrated solution and send them to our families in Greece and France?
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NLE on linux
by Outcast^ Aka The_Editor on Sun 7th Dec 2003 19:59 UTC

You think your've got problems ?

try getting firewire drivers for debian PPC !!

Having moved from Amiga Analogue to x86 NLE and currently using Mediastudiopro.

I am in the middle of "Moving back" to Amiga and have bought the AmigaONE PPC. I fully expect it to be some time before NLE stuff appears back on the trusty Ami and so expected to dual boot AmigaOS 4 with debian. ( what the A1 comes with)

Imagine my surprise/dismay when I find that all that shouting from the tux brigade was in fact ... just hype.

I'll stick with it, of course .. I always was a bit of a tit !! But there is some serious stuff MISSING from Linux.

This is, of course ............ NOT GOOD. And yet another reason why Linux is not ready for the general desktop.