Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 6th Dec 2003 19:42 UTC, submitted by Tom Curtis
SCO, Caldera, Unixware IBM won a tactical victory Friday in a legal battle with SCO Group when a judge ordered SCO to show within 30 days the Linux software to which it believes it has rights and to point out where it believes IBM is infringing.
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re: Archie Steel
by Foo Bar on Sun 7th Dec 2003 22:43 UTC

>>I disagree that this is "nothing worth cheering over." >>While it is true that it's a procedure, it is >>nonetheless the first hearings in the case - and more to >>the point, it does force SCO to reveal what the >>allegedly stolen code is. So far SCO has resisted this >>tooth and nail - while in reality it would be >>advantageous to them to show that code (imagine how >>their stock would skyrocket!).

Consider this. Even if SCO shows a single line of code that it believes is infringing, it then has the leverage to ask the court to compel IBM to release *all* of the code that IBM contributed to Linux so that SCO can do a complete examination. In other words, this is just a formality.

Furthermore, it doesn't prevent SCO from expanding the case as it discovers more violations.