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Multimedia, AV My husband and I are thinking of buying the Canon Optura Xi camcorder soon (in our opinion, the best DV camera at this range). Because I run so many OSes I always have 'embedded' in me this "thing" to only buy supported hardware by the major OSes. I am sure Optura's DV part will work fine with some Linux tools, but then what? How do I easily edit my... masterpiece and burn DVDs or VCDs via an integrated solution and send them to our families in Greece and France?
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Some additional notes...
by Roger on Wed 10th Dec 2003 02:40 UTC

I would suggest you actually try using some of the applications and learning them more in-depth before jumping to conclusions.

I use kino (dvgrab) using ieee1394 capture box and kino works excellent. Atleast for my needs. I only need to capture, and atmost, cut some frames. I then compress the finished avi to divx using mencoder (tool that is packaged with Mplayer).

Using Kino in combination with another compressor is really the way to go. You could use mjpeg-tools if you're simply compressing to mpeg1 or mpeg2 formats.

When I was on the mailing list with mpjpeg-tools, they really strived to make sure they followed video standards to ensure compatable streams (and win32 is a definite example of hacks & products producing incompatable video streams -- video streams that would not be able to be edited and played using other players or editors). The *only* downside to mjpeg-tools is that it's divx tools (lav2divx, yuv2divx) are usually broken. I find Mplayer's mencoder to be an excellent successor when compressing to divx. ;-)

I'll have to agree with the Cinderella (I believe this was formerly known as Main Actor??). It crashed quite often and is really only known to deal with one video format.. which is quicktime (?).

I haven't done much video processing in the past year, however, kino's mailling list is monitored/active the last I checked. It's last known feature implementations were incorporating mjpeg-tools into the kino gui. (It would be really cool if mencoder were integrated, however, once you come up with a command line set of options, you mearily have to save it to a script/file for later usage.)

You also forgot to mention transcode! Transcode is raved by some and, from what I've seen, you can really do *allot* with it. However, I have little patience for reading large man files. ;-) You can also compress to divx using transcode, but from the benchmarks I ran a 6-12 mos ago, mencoder produced much better divx quality when compared to transcode. (Seems transcode divx coding may have been lacking some code to produce divx quality that mencoder was able to produce.)

Well, good luck and I hope this darn article posts without asking for a user id and pass! (looks like it will after I fill in a subject) -- also, remember, command-line tools, atmost times, are more powerful then being stuck with only a gui app. And once you get a sequence of options for a command together, you only need to save them to a file for later usage and you can avoid loading an entire gui app and trying to remember all the options you used in the past!