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Multimedia, AV My husband and I are thinking of buying the Canon Optura Xi camcorder soon (in our opinion, the best DV camera at this range). Because I run so many OSes I always have 'embedded' in me this "thing" to only buy supported hardware by the major OSes. I am sure Optura's DV part will work fine with some Linux tools, but then what? How do I easily edit my... masterpiece and burn DVDs or VCDs via an integrated solution and send them to our families in Greece and France?
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I've used several linux NLE ones mentioned. Here is another set of opinions.

cinellera - I've used this one off and on since it was bcast2000. It's got alot of flexbility, but it was very hard to make a useable output for simple things like VCDs. It's got the most potential of anything I've seen. It crashed alot.

main actor - windows like GUI. Crashed alot. Didn't have alot of output options. Couldn't read DIVX files last I checked. Not any better than cinelerra.

mjpegtools - there's a simple gui called glav that makes an editlist file. Once you get the hang of it, it's nice. It's mainly command line stuff though. Good news is that the documentation is really good, especially that HOWTO. bad news - I think these editors have to be GUI to have any mass appeal. Worked well with xawtv/winTV for capture.

linux video studio - didn't see this one mentioned anywhere. It was a front end for mjpegtools. It's had some promise for simple editing, but I think development has stopped on it for over a year. Too bad. One cool thing was this idiot dialog box for output - like VCD and SVCD. Took alot of the guesswork out of the 1000 parameters you need to pass to an mpeg encoder to get output you can use.

Kino - tried it once. I remember it didn't have a many output options nor input file formats.

real producer - there was a shareware one of these available about two years ago. It would capture and export right to real player movies. It was crude, simple and worked well for crappy little internet movies. I think it's dead now.

The movie maker in XP (I forget what it's called) only support WMV files which in my opinion are worthless. If you want to get the output to play on a TV at some point, MPEG (VCD, SVCD, DVD) are the formats to stay with. For little web movies, I guess is really doesn't matter.

For analog low resolution (VCD type) capture and editing, I'd recommend the mjpegtools option from simple stuff. For more complicated editing, go with cinelerra and cross your fingers. Anyway - I hope the development on these tools continue. I just wish they were closer to a commerical product. If I could help them I would, but I can't, so I wait ;)