Linked by Andy Richter on Thu 11th Dec 2003 10:46 UTC
Red Hat When I volunteered to do this review I quickly realized that I was asked to review 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server' and not just 'Red Hat Linux'. Then panic set in. How different was this going to be from regular old Red Hat that I've used and relied on for years? Is this going to be a whole new Red Hat with a whole bunch of advanced features that I wouldn't be able to talk about either because I missed them or because I'm not qualified?
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Graphical Interfaces and administration
by Robert Escue on Thu 11th Dec 2003 04:52 UTC

I think RedHat is following the lead of the big 3 (Sun, HP, and IBM). Sun promotes Solaris Management Console and Sun Management Center as if they are the only answer for administering servers. IBM has been looking at replacing smitty and smit with WebSM for some time now, and HP has SAM.

As far as installing X, with Solaris you can use the SUMWreq cluster and not get X. With AIX, if there is a graphics adapter in the system you get X whether you want it or not. And I have never installed HP-UX so I can't say either way.

And where the graphical interface comes in is when you install something like Oracle (which requires it) unless you perform an unattended installation.

I can administer machines either way, but there is obviously some demand for the GUI because it seems that everybody includes it.