Linked by Andy Richter on Thu 11th Dec 2003 10:46 UTC
Red Hat When I volunteered to do this review I quickly realized that I was asked to review 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server' and not just 'Red Hat Linux'. Then panic set in. How different was this going to be from regular old Red Hat that I've used and relied on for years? Is this going to be a whole new Red Hat with a whole bunch of advanced features that I wouldn't be able to talk about either because I missed them or because I'm not qualified?
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by hurdboy on Thu 11th Dec 2003 09:37 UTC

I work for a small Unix services company, and we've pretty much ruled out AS except on co-located managed hosts, where we can pass along the cost of the service contract on to the customer (basically the AS machines are the same price as our Debian or *BSD machines plus the monthly cost of AS). It was kind of a shock to discover that over a three year period, Linux came out to be significantly more expensive than Windows or OSX.

The review itself was pretty spot-on. I do have one small complaint, and it comes from drinking the OpenBSD Kool-Aid. OpenBSD machines are so secure, not because of the code auditing or their design, it's because they don't do anything out of the box. Once you open them up so you can actually do something with them, they're just as likely to get 0wn3d as any other BSD box. Well, maybe not, because the performance is worse. Having Apache turned on by default is probably a good idea, seeing as how the majority of "server" machines will use some kind of httpd.