Linked by Andy Richter on Thu 11th Dec 2003 10:46 UTC
Red Hat When I volunteered to do this review I quickly realized that I was asked to review 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server' and not just 'Red Hat Linux'. Then panic set in. How different was this going to be from regular old Red Hat that I've used and relied on for years? Is this going to be a whole new Red Hat with a whole bunch of advanced features that I wouldn't be able to talk about either because I missed them or because I'm not qualified?
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Nice, but...
by Fred on Thu 11th Dec 2003 17:09 UTC

why aren't server products reviewed by people qualified to do it, with hardware to match?

I mean, who besides scriptkiddies and wannabes run this "Advanced Server" products on hardware which is basically a game PC? If I want to read a server product review, I want to know how it deals with raid configurations, performs on server centric benchmarks, how manageable it is inside a larger farm. Not how pretty the installer looks (does anyone actually install lots of servers from scratch off the CD with a custom install?) and what version of Gnome it comes with (I know, the reviewer didn't mention this, but I conveniently use this occasion to bitch and moan about this kind of "reviews" in general). In this case the reviewer himself states he's not really qualified to do a decent review of this product. So here I am wondering why he did actually write about it then. Just to have his name splattered all over the frontpage of this website? This sort of site pollution is not of much value to anyone but the self interrest of the reviewer.

Also, on the subject of reviews, why are a lot of reviews I read done by college students? Is it only because they have the time to do it? I mean it sure isn't the quality of the reviews which seems to attract people to publish the stuff. Reviewing stuff properly is hard. I wish people would put some more effort into doing it properly, and write a decent report about it. Seems that reporting is a skill which isn't tought in said colleges anymore. Pity.