Linked by Andy Richter on Thu 11th Dec 2003 10:46 UTC
Red Hat When I volunteered to do this review I quickly realized that I was asked to review 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server' and not just 'Red Hat Linux'. Then panic set in. How different was this going to be from regular old Red Hat that I've used and relied on for years? Is this going to be a whole new Red Hat with a whole bunch of advanced features that I wouldn't be able to talk about either because I missed them or because I'm not qualified?
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RE: Kernel rocks...
by Slackers on Fri 12th Dec 2003 04:25 UTC

"Just one note...
RedHat has done a great job with their kernel. It is very responsive, very fast."
are ya kiding everybody here? 5 years (not much in the life) using RH, and now I have made a move to Slackware. It is only two words ya said: responsive and fast. No way to honour two of these words on RH which it is actually right on Slackware (a quite careful comparission was carried out by myself between RH and Slack on the same system b4 I have made a move). Even Gnome, a RH defacto long time is still far behind Dropline in Slackware or in Slackware Gnome (Gnome goes w/ Slack distro) about speed and responsiveness, and not often to see bugs as working on slackware env.//
I dunt blame RH, just wanna say something which is true. RH is always next to me at work, but Slackware is the best in my selection.