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Slackware, Slax "Slackware Linux is not your ordinary Linux distribution. For starters, it rarely figures in news headlines, preferring to keep a low profile instead. Its developers have stubbornly resisted any attempts to make their users' lives easier: the distribution provides no graphical configuration utilities, it's package management does not resolve dependencies and its simple, text-mode installer has undergone very few changes in years. Yet, Slackare Linux remains one of the top 5 Linux distributions in use today. What is the reason for its tight hold on many users?" Read the article at DistroWatch.
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re: risky
by enloop on Fri 12th Dec 2003 11:32 UTC

There's no guarantee that another distribution uses a directory structure or naming scheme that is the same as your distribution's. As a result, you may or may not have access to all the fonts installed on your system.

Unless the config file is taken from a machine correctly configured with the same monitor and video card as your machine, there is a risk of damaging your card or monitor by running them beyond their tolerances.

If you configure X manually, which you need to do on Slackware, you must know which video card you're using, how much memory is on the card, and the horizontal and vertical refresh ranges of your monitor. Trying to drive it at rates outside those ranges can literally cause your monitor to go "poof".