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Slackware, Slax "Slackware Linux is not your ordinary Linux distribution. For starters, it rarely figures in news headlines, preferring to keep a low profile instead. Its developers have stubbornly resisted any attempts to make their users' lives easier: the distribution provides no graphical configuration utilities, it's package management does not resolve dependencies and its simple, text-mode installer has undergone very few changes in years. Yet, Slackare Linux remains one of the top 5 Linux distributions in use today. What is the reason for its tight hold on many users?" Read the article at DistroWatch.
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upgrading and x monitor probing
by Anonymous on Fri 12th Dec 2003 13:14 UTC

the reviewer has no clue what swaret is. check out the extras directory and you'll see about upgrading the packages. plus there all loads of tools for creating packages that you compile in which you can then issue the command upgradepkg to uninstall the existing and install the new. and as far as configuring x. i dont know when this module came out but it works pretty well on most monitors from what i've seen

Section "Module"
Load "ddc" # ddc probing of monitor
Load "GLcore"
Load "dbe"

ddc does a pretty good job detecting horiz and vert refresh rates as well as what the refresh rate is for each resolution and all the possible resolutions that your monitor supports. sure the xf86config command doesn't put it in for you. but if you want a fully optimized X to begin with your gonna read a man page and not rely on the autoconfig utilities