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Slackware, Slax "Slackware Linux is not your ordinary Linux distribution. For starters, it rarely figures in news headlines, preferring to keep a low profile instead. Its developers have stubbornly resisted any attempts to make their users' lives easier: the distribution provides no graphical configuration utilities, it's package management does not resolve dependencies and its simple, text-mode installer has undergone very few changes in years. Yet, Slackare Linux remains one of the top 5 Linux distributions in use today. What is the reason for its tight hold on many users?" Read the article at DistroWatch.
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RE: Nitpicks
by Brandon Bennett on Fri 12th Dec 2003 16:06 UTC

By default Slackware's X uses the vesa drivers. Should work most of the time. To setup X you can use one of many config utilities such as xf86cfg (which btw is a completly gui utility)

And no it is not impossible to run the install in an xterm window. Early Slackware and Linux books used serial consoles hooked to another machine to take screenshots for use in publications.

Netconfig runs during the install processes. You can use it later to reconfigure the network or manually edit /etc/rc.d/rc.inetd.conf as most Slackers do. This is all in the (Dated) Slackware Essentials Book.

Now as for the "dependency-resolving package manager". The lack there of is half the the reason why us Slaackers use Slack. Lets try not to get into the hell that is RPM dependacies. Also for updating and installing packages you can use swaret which is included in /extra. It will do dependancy checking.