Linked by Matt Brewer on Fri 12th Dec 2003 20:43 UTC
Internet Explorer The new version of Internet Explorer in Longhorn 4051 is version 6.05.4051.0.  Even though Longhorn is many years away (if ever!) the folks at Microsoft have realized that people want more from their browser, due to popularity of the competition, ex. Mozilla. UPDATE: Longhorn 4051 review.
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CSS (coming standards support?)
by nnooiissee on Fri 12th Dec 2003 22:14 UTC

Few care about "standards compliant" xhtm/css. When 97% following the same rule, it is called "de facto" standards.

Yep. "De facto" translates to "moving target." Right before IE 6 hit the market the line was "IE is the standard," but then suddenly sites that conformed to the "standard" broke.

It is going to happen again. Something important is going to be fixed to work the way the w3c's standard says it should, and web developers are going to pressure users to IE 7, which in this case is going to mean Windows YP.

As a designer I have a few BIG problems with IE. I guess I can look forward to having one of them fixed. I bet it will support transparent png's.

Still, has anyone noticed and differences in rendering in this version of IE? I think that is what I was really going ask in this post.