Linked by Matt Brewer on Fri 12th Dec 2003 20:43 UTC
Internet Explorer The new version of Internet Explorer in Longhorn 4051 is version 6.05.4051.0.  Even though Longhorn is many years away (if ever!) the folks at Microsoft have realized that people want more from their browser, due to popularity of the competition, ex. Mozilla. UPDATE: Longhorn 4051 review.
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IE Best Browser, You are Kidding ?
by jmf on Fri 12th Dec 2003 22:26 UTC

OK, I will be nice, and explained to Microsoft what their current browser lacks to be able to compete with Mozilla.
Ask yourself how little this new version bring in this list (except a new skin by default, amusing job ;-)

* For the Web Standards
+ Support of alpha transparency for the PNG format
+ True support from CSS2(1999!!! What's the fuck) and CSS3
+ A true Strict Mode, who works even with a XML declaration
+ Support <<position : fixed>> damnit

* For the web developer :
+ A true Javascript deboguer
+ A Dom Inspector who try to understand how works a site, and to which element apply a JavaScript property

* For the End-User
+ suppress advertisement banner in webpages (plus the popups), via right click and <<block images from this server>>
+ supress spam in the mail module (this will _never_ works well with Microsoft stuff, because since they have 95% of the market, spammers just need to bypass _their_particular_ anti-spam filter, which is fairly easy)
+ possibility of tab-browsing
+ multi-platform support (Yes, not everybody use Windows !)

* For the security
+ suppression of Active X
+ A master password to crypt all the passwords of the system
+ A real security model
+ A versinon without security holes by default, to not impose your grandma to buy a $$45 ADSL connection/month, because of the massive security updates every wednesday
+ A mail module who don't relay virus
+ A free access to the code source, so that we can see that nothing is hidden, and, as such, avoid a new scandal like with the famous NSA keys

* For the accessibility
+ Type-ahead find, to quickly find a link or a word in the current page
+ The possibility to change caracters size, even in the case it is fixed in pixels

If _that_ shows us the future of Longhorn,...

Btw: Mozilla's marketshare has reached 6%. Nice job if we take into account their monopoly.