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Slackware, Slax "Slackware Linux is not your ordinary Linux distribution. For starters, it rarely figures in news headlines, preferring to keep a low profile instead. Its developers have stubbornly resisted any attempts to make their users' lives easier: the distribution provides no graphical configuration utilities, it's package management does not resolve dependencies and its simple, text-mode installer has undergone very few changes in years. Yet, Slackare Linux remains one of the top 5 Linux distributions in use today. What is the reason for its tight hold on many users?" Read the article at DistroWatch.
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RE: X Configuration
by Slackers on Sat 13th Dec 2003 01:27 UTC

Once You address well all models of your Devices, xf86config would be the best tool to configure X for your Linux Box. And it helps you understand X line by line. Of course, a very linux newbie sometimes will feel hopless as sitting in front of a black console with condense words.
GRUB or LILO, I do not see they are very different in performing a job as bootloader. Except for that you are on dual boot with Windows, Grub can cheat windows:"GRUB differs from bootloaders such as LILO in that "it can lie to MS Windows and make MS Windows believe that it's installed on the first partition even if it's not!!" ."-Kernel-HOWTO"
I ve switched from RH to Slackware totally and now, very happy with new system: Slackware-9.1. Personally I think though System Admin can edit scripts well, sysAdmin tools for slackware used in console such as pkgtool would be prefer. Yet a tool using mouse to click and drop/drag may be not applauded.
Linux Newbies should give slackware a try for speeding up linux knowledge sharply, but a zero computer knowledge user or a normal home user should not.
Linux = Slackware + Dropline + swaret + You :-)