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Internet Explorer The new version of Internet Explorer in Longhorn 4051 is version 6.05.4051.0.  Even though Longhorn is many years away (if ever!) the folks at Microsoft have realized that people want more from their browser, due to popularity of the competition, ex. Mozilla. UPDATE: Longhorn 4051 review.
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RE: Re:"de facto" standard
by Anonymous on Sat 13th Dec 2003 04:01 UTC

"AOL brings a lot of ordinary people online for sure, while it might not be the best ISP, it doesn't force its users to RTFM either."

Hm, hm... maybe. This mess of an AOL CD ruined my sister's W98 after she picked it out of the mail and installed it out of curiousity. So I had to reinstall :-P

I reckon the CDs got waay better nowadays, but honestly, in the early days these things were terrible. Appart from the software, the service itself is shit as ever. Go search the forums to online games like Medal of Honor, Battlefield, or what ever -- problems, problems, problems for screwed AOL users. Hint at AOL: Hey lamers, this is the 3rd millennium, it's about time you get something right for a change.