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Internet Explorer The new version of Internet Explorer in Longhorn 4051 is version 6.05.4051.0.  Even though Longhorn is many years away (if ever!) the folks at Microsoft have realized that people want more from their browser, due to popularity of the competition, ex. Mozilla. UPDATE: Longhorn 4051 review.
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Re: Re: Set (Avant Browser)
by roddog on Sat 13th Dec 2003 05:29 UTC

Do you realize how irrelevant your arguements are? I hate to bring a little realization into the scene, but the following selling points from MyIE2 (these are from their web page).

1. Tabbed browsing - already in a number of browsers (Clinton era stuff)

2. Mouse gestures - "Command your browser with your mouse! Mouse Gestures are another revolutional invention among the browsers." Already in other browsers.

3. Super Drag&Drop - Saving search results or highlighted search text and opening new tabs. Key strokes in other browsers.

4. Privacy Protection - Does it matter if it takes one or two clicks to erase your history?

5. Ad Hunter - Can't we block all these pop-up adds? Oh yeah another Clinton era trick in other browsers...

6. It appears that they skipped reason number 6 so that they could jump right into number 7 (a much better number IMHO)...

7. Google Search Bar - As far as I can tell, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, etc already had this. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used in win9x as they say, "Note: Due to the limitation of the Google Bar, it can not be used under win9x with MyIE2. Trying to use the Google Bar with MyIE2 under win9x may cause unexpected errors. We hope Google could release a fix for this problem soon." Is this an error in Google, or a lack of win9x ability? Please tell this non windows user. I cannot understand how this is an issue.

8. External Utility Bar - Wow, I can start the notepad with IE. What a concept... I don't feel the need to respond to this "feature" as any OS with IPC can do this (Does XP have real IPC?).

9. They seemed to skip this number as well. It appears that both 6 and 9 are magic numbers...

10. Skinning - For how long have we sought to change the icons for the button bar? Nothing new here.

Is there anything new here? Tell me how this expands my "internet experience."