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Internet Explorer The new version of Internet Explorer in Longhorn 4051 is version 6.05.4051.0.  Even though Longhorn is many years away (if ever!) the folks at Microsoft have realized that people want more from their browser, due to popularity of the competition, ex. Mozilla. UPDATE: Longhorn 4051 review.
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The Mystery Of Microsoft
by Jay on Sat 13th Dec 2003 14:41 UTC

Microsoft is mysterious to me and here is my way of looking at it:

I'm a heavy Mac user, but also use XP and Linux. I've always liked XP since the public beta. Anyway, when Microsoft and Apple signed that five year deal in '97, Apple, with the return of Jobs, really had their work cut out for them. With the iMac coming out, all they had was Netscape 4.7.x and there was really nothing else for the average user because this was also the time of Netscape 6.x, which was the most god-awful thing ever put out. Internet Explorer 4.0 was a complete dog.

With the new deal, Microsoft came out with a new, innovative version of Office and the Entourage module was a godsend as Apple had ceased development on Claris Emailer and had sold Claris Organizer to Palm. Outlook Express was pretty much a clone of Emailer in many ways which made that transition easy. But, what a sensation in the Mac world when IE 4.5 came out! It was fast, it had innovations - the Download Manager, a retractable sidebar that was actually useful. And then the 5.x versions just kept getting better. For those who want to always start Microsoft vs. Apple flamewars, please remember that Microsoft really delivered the goods and helped pull Apple out of the hole with this software.

My point is that I have seen Microsoft produce innovative and creative software for the Mac platform over these years. Yet, on their main platform, the PC, they seem constrained and much more conservative. The features lacking in even the new IE...surely they can include those if they wanted to. My question is, why is that so???

@Darius - that MyIE2 looks really slick - I have to give it a whirl!