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OSNews, Generic OSes Some days ago we hosted a head to head review of Bochs, VMWare Workstation and VirtualPC. I received a number of emails asking why I haven't included Netraverse's Win4Lin in the article. The main reason was because Win4Lin is not an emulator in the "traditional" sense of the word; neither it runs under Windows XP, where our previous test were conducted. In fact, Win4Lin can only run Dos and Win9x/ME, under Linux. We got hold of the brand new version of Win4Lin, version 4.0, and here is our review accompanied by some screenshots we grabbed for you.
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Too quick off the mark?
by Antarius on Thu 23rd May 2002 04:01 UTC

Since Windows 9x does not run on DOS, it must have been some feat to get it to work. It sure took long enough

I don't know what alternate dimension you are from, but on this planet, Windows 95 (all versions), Windows 98 (all versions) and Windows ME (ick!) are all DOS based. With the latter, references to were hidden so that you could not boot to vanilla dos mode.

In fact, I recall when Windows 95 first came out, grabbing DOS off of it for a bit of a joke.

I copied all of the WindowsCommand directory (with good ol' CLI Arj) onto a floppy, along with the couple of apps sprinkled in the Windows dir. Sys'ed it for good measure, and Voila.

I copied that onto one of my spare boxes (not my OS/2 boxen) that was running an AMD 486 at the time, (Hey, it was a long time ago!), and it ran WfWG 3.11 and Desqview quite happily on "MS Dos 7."

You'll find that, especially Win 95 A, was pretty much a souped up version of WfWG 3.11 with a new GUI (and the old one still there - try replacing "Explorer.exe" with "progman.exe" in your win.ini file!) and a newer version of DOS.

Of course, they had to add a few bits of code to ensure that it didn't run with an alternative DOS product. tsk tsk.

That's why the "NT Technology" (redundancy) is such a "new thing." Because NT/2K/XP are the first non-DOS based MS operating systems that we have seen.

I still miss CPM...