Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 22nd Dec 2003 06:43 UTC
SCO, Caldera, Unixware The SCO Group plans to announce Monday that it is escalating its campaign to collect license fees from corporations using the Linux OS, with warning letters to the companies. Supporters of Linux, including IBM and other companies, say that SCO's interpretation of its claim over Linux is exaggerated.
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This *is* a scox victory
by walterbyrd on Mon 22nd Dec 2003 15:24 UTC

>>SCO is relying on the corruption in America to get some kind of a victory, except that America probably isn't that corrupt. We'll see what happens. <<

The whole idea of the scox-scam is to pump the stock price so canopy can back out of a bad investment (canopy owns over 40% of scox). And it is working like a charm!

Average estimates: scox was supposed to earn $0.36/share this quarter. Instead scox losses $0.12/share. That's a *huge* $0.48/share miss. That's is more than enough to tank most small cap stocks, instead scox is up.

Scox has gone up from $1/share to $19/share since the scam started. That is a huge victory for the scam artists. Forget the USA justice system - they're happy to look the other way.

America probably isn't that corrupt? Maybe you should reconsider that assertion.