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OSNews, Generic OSes Some days ago we hosted a head to head review of Bochs, VMWare Workstation and VirtualPC. I received a number of emails asking why I haven't included Netraverse's Win4Lin in the article. The main reason was because Win4Lin is not an emulator in the "traditional" sense of the word; neither it runs under Windows XP, where our previous test were conducted. In fact, Win4Lin can only run Dos and Win9x/ME, under Linux. We got hold of the brand new version of Win4Lin, version 4.0, and here is our review accompanied by some screenshots we grabbed for you.
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Windows Fallacies
by Antarius on Thu 23rd May 2002 23:51 UTC

Speed, how many people in the computing world do you need to disagree with you? 2 different authors saying something, does not make it true. If it did, then with all the different Bible Translators, it'd have to be true!

It is an accepted fact that the underlying technologies for the Windows 9x family are DOS-based. And by DOS, I mean "Microsoft DOS" (as there are plenty more Disk Operating Systems around, and I hate that generalisation just as much as I hate the Windows(tm)...)

What would convince you? Running DOS apps on the DOS out of Win95? The striking similarities of himem.sys with himem.sys?

The difference is the integration of the code from msdos.sys in with io.sys, rather than the two "kernels" working together. msdos.sys is now a glorified config.sys & autoexec.bat. In fact, you can kill msdos.sys and put all of the device, file handles, etc into the relevant spots in config sys, and have autoexec.bat load

It was supposed to replace DOS, however it was just the "Emperors' New Clothes," being a new dress with the same arse underneath it.