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Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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<gasp> Pricing is <ack> VERY high
by Mr. Banned on Tue 23rd Dec 2003 20:24 UTC

Ok... So I've been following the whole Pegasos thing for awhile, and thought that MorphOS looked like a fun little diversion (although YD Linux would likely be my 1st choice for this board), but the prices they're asking are f'in ridiculous!

I followed the link to the picture of that Big ol' butterfly sh*tting out the eagle (That's what it looks like! They should really come up with a better logo), and the followed the links down to resellers, and finally to the good ol' US of A.

There's 2 vendors listed for the USA, and of those 2, only one contains prices. And unless I misunderstood the ad, they're asking $725.00 for the motherboard + a 1Ghz G4 CPU!

Can someone verify if this is correct? There's NO way that this is going to be a success at those prices. By the time you throw in a video card, hard drive, case and so on, you'll be well over a grand for this thing.

You can get an AMD 64 3000+ CPU & motherboard for only $360 (less than half the cost of the Pegasos MB & CPU!), which will obviously blow this thing away performance-wise. Not to mention that the new AMD64's with less cache are now being released at even cheaper prices.

I know that PPC's have historically done more with less horsepower than their x86 counterparts, but come on...

Sorry, I was strongly considering a Pegasos system as an alternative desktop system (keeping my 3Ghz P4 next to it for video editing and such), but at these costs, there's no way I'll even consider it.

Hell, with that kinda pricing, I could build a killer dual CPU box for the same as, or less than I could build a single CPU 1Ghz Pegasos-based system.

I can understand that niche players such as this have to charge more due to their "fledgling" status, but with these kind of prices, they'll never sell enough to begin dropping their prices.

Perhaps when these are going for $50 on Ebay in a year or two I'll pick one up to play with, but for now their pricing's just to ridiculous for me to even consider.