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Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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The reasons for buying a pegasos
by amigamad on Tue 23rd Dec 2003 23:28 UTC

This is a new platform and puts the fun back into computing, morphos is a very modern and upto date fast responsive operating system and unlike windows it is very stable updates are constant and it will run most of your amiga software including a lot of your old ppc software .While the initial price might seem high you have to understand that they are made in smaller quantitys than a standard pc motherboard, also these motherboards are selling as fast as they are produced there is a lot of new software being developed there are 100,s of developers already .getting help or advice from the people who make and market this is easy and any problems you have will be solved easily by polite and friendly people.they also have a good software bundle called the Superbundle which once registered you can download for free.Sometime next year i am hoping to get one myself i have seen this develop far quicker than any other new platform and due to the exellent support this is a platform wich is gaining new fans very fast .A pc with windows might do the job but theres doing a job and doing a job properly.