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Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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RE: <gasp>
by Rodney Mcdonell on Wed 24th Dec 2003 02:39 UTC

>>Sorry, I was strongly considering a Pegasos system as an
>>alternative desktop system (keeping my 3Ghz P4 next to it
>>for video editing and such), but at these costs, there's no
>>way I'll even consider it.

Yer, i was considering them too untill i found out how powerful and cheap AMD are. At least the pegasos machines are a lot cheaper than the AmigaOne. I used to like it, and i still do, but at those prices, woooohhooooo, they speak for them selvs, and they say "dont buy me you little prat, im far too expensive" ;)

Seriously though, PPC is ummmm.. very alternative, and like linux, they are exclusive in a way. Many people feel exclusive using linux compared to Windows (as i do a little bit) and the same goes for PPC i'd imagine. ATM these systems dont hold much promoise for anyone, they're using oldish CPUs and their pricess are quite high. Long story short, they're not going to get a lot of people outside their own communityies interested in these machines. So far, i think the AmigaOne mini-itx board prolly holds most interest out side of the community and thats because of its size, and being the only PPC mini-itx board in the world. but again, its a geek thing. People will pay higher prices to be more exclusive, or more geeky. But with Apple who have cheaper machines (than the Amigaone) and faster processors for those M/GHz Freaks and a wider array of operating systems, i dont see them putting much presure on apple. They've gota find that killer app!

But lets not forget, they are for the MorphOS and Amiga communities thus far, and may not break the community banks for a while to come.