Linked by Manish Bansal on Wed 24th Dec 2003 01:56 UTC
Linux Lorma linux 4.0 is the first distribution to be based on Fedora Core, outside of Redhat, that is. It is one of those new breed of single-CD distros that try to include only the best-of-breed applications.
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by Sean on Wed 24th Dec 2003 05:14 UTC

On Linux being slow. . .

There is overhead to everything. Linux has the overhead of people needing time to agree on things and people needing to get on the same page and such. Commercial software has a lot of the same problems, but also suffers from marketing and the like.

I think that Linux moves pretty quickly. Realistically, you can have open-source stuff as fast as it is developed since it is there for you. It just takes time to get polished to the point where people feel like making it the default. I mean, RedHat isn't trying to be slow about adopting new things by keeping with Moz, but they are trying to appease users that don't want the rough edges of certain software or bleeding edge versions.