Linked by Manish Bansal on Wed 24th Dec 2003 01:56 UTC
Linux Lorma linux 4.0 is the first distribution to be based on Fedora Core, outside of Redhat, that is. It is one of those new breed of single-CD distros that try to include only the best-of-breed applications.
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RE: Re: Supplemental CD's
by blixel on Wed 24th Dec 2003 07:45 UTC

If there was one distro that I knew I could find working packages for it would be my default distro. I don't care how many points it misses in other areas.

Hmmm... not sure what you mean. I've been dual booting back and forth between Fedora Core and Mandrake for the past few weeks basically comparing to see which I liked better (it's Mandrake for me) ... and the packages I've downloaded that were specific to the distro have worked for me.

I prefer distro-specific packages when they are available because they usually include the proper information for setting up links for the "start" menu (gnome menu, k menu, launch menu, whatever...) and conform to other conventions that are specific to that distro.

Though what I really prefer is to not have to download packages at all. I really like Mandrake's package management control center. Most everything I look for is found in there. As far as I know Fedora doesn't have anything like it "out of the box". up2date is only for security updates and such. Add/Remove is only for the stuff that's on the distro CD's themselves. You can add Synaptic after you setup your system but in my opinion, Synaptic isn't as good. But it's better than hunting down packages individually and trying to meet the requirements "by hand" with (rpm -i). Use to take me a half hour or more to install 1 program because the RPM would require some other RPM, which would in turn require 6 or 8 other RPM's, each of which might have their own requirements. "rpm hell" they call it.