Linked by Eugenia Loli on Tue 23rd Dec 2003 19:56 UTC, submitted by oGALAXYo
Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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by AdmV0rl0n on Wed 24th Dec 2003 10:05 UTC

Some comments

1. G4/G5 always looks good in theory/on paper against X86, so far has always struggled to actually be really better. And its almost always been more costly.

2. Strong Euro. The Euro is a disaster for all of europe. Heavy handed interest rates are the reason for the high euro. Crushing business and growth. Wonder why so many europeans are out of work. Add then the red tape and utter buffoonary of the idiots who run the EU gravy train and you should not be surprised. And don't bother saying how nice the euro is, a lot of prices rose mysteriously overnight when it went it. Money is no use to anyone when you have less of it and it makes you poorer.

3. Sorry for a lack of Xmas spirit, but its a tad mysterious that these motherboards get distributed right when the holidays begin, and thus are not likely to actually move very far until the new year. How very ... convenient.