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Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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re: Kon
by Mr. Banned on Wed 24th Dec 2003 13:22 UTC

Anyone complaining about high prices for these boards really needs to get a clue... This stuff is not cheap to design or recoup on, and comparing the pegasos boards to an intel or amd board+cpu in terms of price is just plain senseless.

How does using logic when comparing performance/cost to competitive products mean that we're being senseless??

You can argue all you want about design costs, niche markeys, and small production runs all you want, but if the stuff's outrageously priced when compared to machines with 3 times the horsepower, you have to wonder who's going to buy enough of these to warrant support, and/or another production run.

You can be an elitist geek all you want, but the reality is that if people don't buy these, there won't be further runs (at hopefully lower costs), nor will there be support if the product's discontinued due to lack of buyers.

I fully understand the reasons why this machine will be more than a mass-produced one (as in Apple, Intel, or AMD-based), but still, no buyers equals no future product.

And while some of us (at least you obviously) are willing to pay for underpowered hardware just to support the "little guy", there's many more of us who can't afford the luxury of doing this if it means we're screwing ourselves out of much needed computing power (This is still a computer we're talking about here... Not some classic car you'll park on a pedestal somewhere to show off to people).

Someone threw out a price for a complete system in Euro's, which at $1.25 exchange rate came out to over $1400 for a MorphOS system (with few commercial titles available it should be pointed out). Here in the states, that kinda cheese will buy one helluva a PC.

I guess we'll see... Perhaps in Europe this will take off -After all, the Amiga never made it as big here as it did there, and the Euro is at an all time high right now. But at over $700 for a MB/CPU combo in the USA, I see this quickly joining the Amiga in the "shoulda but didn't" clearance bin.