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Morphos According to MorphOS-News the Pegasos-II System starts shipping to the end users.
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re: Nate Downes
by Mr. Banned on Wed 24th Dec 2003 15:26 UTC

The problem is, the motherboard/CPU combo is *not* over $700. A quick check of the main website reveals that. Unless of course the EU rose in price by 12% in the past 5 minutes, anyways.</

Well, let's see... There's 2 USA-based resellers listed on the Pegasos site: Ultraspec ( and Liberty Tree (

On Liberty Tree's site, I was unable to find any prices, and admittedly little information on the Pegasos system, while on the Ultraspec site, we have a price given of $725.00 for a G4 based CPU/MB package ($475 for a G3-based one).

Since you're evidently not able to research such items yourself, here's a link to the exact page:

I don't know what site you're looking at, but either you didn't read my initial posts, or you're seriously misinformed (Or you're trolling rather than spewing facts... Not really sure which it is).

Merry Xmas!