Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Dec 2003 17:44 UTC
Morphos reports that bplan GmbH announced, the version of the Open Firmware shipped with the Pegasos II is faulty: after changes made by "setenv" the system does not boot anymore. There is also a small fix for a broken MorphOS 1.4 install script.
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@ Fabio
by hnl_dk on Tue 30th Dec 2003 10:20 UTC

>> But that it won't run AOS 4.0 at any time (as far as we
>> know) means I will be out on a limb for new applications.
>Actually, so far I've seen about... uh... 2 or 3 native >applications for AOS4 _announced_, whilst there are tens of >native applications for MOS already available. The "Amiga" >name is worth zilch nowadays.

Hi' Fabio ... hope your not just trolling!
There has been announced "alot" more than 2 or 3 native AmigaOS4 application (if you think about the niche factor - not many users) ... Here is a list @ Amiga Wiki

Hope it helps ...
Best regards,
Henning Nielsen Lund